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9 Mukhi Rudraksha

The nine mukhi Rudraksha is powerful for both spiritual and material aspects and is ruled by the divine Mother. Goddess Durga rules the Rare 9 mukhi beads of Rudraksha which hold the powers of all the nine goddesses known as Nava Durga. This Rudraksha offers worldly comforts and fulfills desires known as Bhogha and also also offers liberation meaning Moksha to the wearer. This mystic bead carries the divine powers of the Goddess and thus offers materialistic benefits as well as spiritual awakening.


9 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits

Astrological Benefits of Nine Mukhi Rudraksha

 • 9 mukhi removes the malefic effects of Rahu and strengthens its benefic effects

• 9 mukhi helps to get relief in Rahu Dosh

• 9 mukhi Rudraksha helps to get relief in Rahu Mahadasha and Antardasha

• It helps get relief in Kaalsarp Dosh (also wear 8 mukhi Rudraksha) .

• 9 face Rudraksha helps to get relief in Surya Grahan Dosha and Chandra Grahan Dosha

Nine mukhi Rudraksha benefits (Therapeutic Benefits):

. It regulates the functioning of the Brain and Nervous system

• It cures dizziness

• It helps in skin disorders

• It gives relief in psychological disorders like fear, phobia, OCD Hallucinations and worries.