Why Eka Rudraksha

5 Reasons to choose us for Original Rudraksha

Certified Laborator

100% Lab Certified Rudraksha

Each Rudraksha bead is tested by experts at a Government Approved Lab and then certified to be 100% Original. You can sit back, relax, and peacefully order your Rudraksha products from Eka Rudraksha. We also issue a lab certificate upon request by customers. Certificates could range from for a single bead to a full-sized mala.

Fully Energized Rudraksha

All our Rudrakshas are pre-energized by the Pujaris(Priests) at the Holy Pashupatinath Temple using traditional Vedic Hindu rituals. This energizing procedure makes the beads very powerful due to which the beads have a very high positive response to our bodies.

You don?t need to worry about energizing by performing complex pooja rituals. You?re good to go with us. Our Rudraksha beads are completely ready to use. For the well-being of your family, you can also order an additional Special dedicated Pooja at the Pashupatinath temple.

Rudraksha expertise since 1996

We are in this business since 1996 and Eka Rudraksha is well-known for the last 24 years for its premium quality. We cure each Rudraksha and nurture them in a fresh environment. We oil our beads well so that they cure well over time and do not degrade for years. Our Rudrakshas are symmetrical in shape, heavy in weight, well defined in size, healthy internally, and have a natural brown color.

Nepalese native Rudraksha

We directly source all our Rudraksha beads from local Nepalese farmers. Therefore, we are able to offer you high quality at a great price. We also own Rudraksha farms at Dingla -Bhojpur, which is the home to the highest quality Nepalese Rudrakshas.

Our experts keep track of the Rudraksha fruits from the growth to the harvest phase so that the beads grow to their full natural potential.

Customized Rudraksha Products

We offer you customization of Rudrakshas based on your requirements.  Customizations could range anywhere from a single threaded Rudraksha bead to full-sized Kanthas.

We do customizations using premium quality cloths, threads, and other beading materials. As a result, the products such as Malas / Kanthas / Bracelets / Pendants look beautiful and are easy to wear for day to day use.

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