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Dr. Sushil Kumar Agrawal

- Rudraksha Expert, Founder of Eka Rudraksha

For the last two decades, Dr. Sushil Kumar Jagnani has been doing deep research on the healing characteristics of Rudraksha beads. He has done studies on the science behind the working principle of Rudraksha beads from which he has devised his unique method to create powerful combinations that will give maximum benefits to the wearer.

Dr. Sushil has been a keen learner which has helped him gain profound knowledge in various fields such as Reiki healing, Acupressure, Rudraksha Therapy, Ayurveda, and Yoga.

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As long as the rudraksha is certified and the dealer issues a certificate with the rudraksha its is safe to buy rudraksha online. But you should also make sure that the rudraksha dealer is trusted and government certified. We at Eka Rudraksha provide original lab certified rudraksha home delivery all over the world. We are a trusted rudraksha seller since the last 30 years and we only sell genuine rudraksha beads such as 1 mukhi rudraksha, gaurishanker rudraksha and many more. 

Natural Rudraksha are very special in their formation. Genuine rudraksha beads have compartments that are equal to the no of faces/Mukhis. While Mukhis/faces are visible on the surface, compartments have to be viewed through an X-ray. An Original rudraksha will always have the same number of mukhi/faces & compartments. We at Eka Rudraksha provide Real Rudraksha with a Certificate of Authenticity. We are a government certified rudraksha dealer who sells only Original Rudraksha. You can read our Guide to buying Rudraksha online here. 

An Natural Rudraksha can be safely worn based on purpose/benefits or intution and you will definitely get good results. But the best way to choose rudraksha for yourself is to consult a Rudraksha Expert Consultant who will genuinely identify your needs and planetery conditions, and further select the best powerful rudraksha bead for you. Before selecting a Rudraksha braclelet or mala for you, you must get expert advice to get amazing results from Rudraksha. We Provide you accurate Rudraksha recommendation based on the details provided by you. You can Book your Consultation here. 

Rudraksha are the seeds formed from tears of Shiva that fell when Lord Shiva was meditating. They provide happiness & stress free life to us. However you need to make sure to follow some things while wearing rudraksha mala, bracelet or gold chain. You need to remove the rudraksha while visiting a funeral. You need to make sure the rudraksha is energized before wearing. You need to clean/maintain the rudraksha every 6 to 8 months. We have put a article on the rules of wearing rudraksha and precautions to take while wearing rudraksha. 

As per our ancient texts, everyone should wear natural rudraksha to gain the full benefits of rudraksha in their life. Women and children can wear rudraksha and there is no restrictions for women to remove rudraksha during periods. Rudraksha should be made a part of life and should be integrated into our day to day works. 

A Natural Rudraksha is blessing provided by Lord Shiva to humans for removing all types of problems, sorrows, diseases from our life. Its sole purpose is to heal us. So there is no negative effects of wearing original Rudraksha. However make sure you follow the rules to wear rudraksha in order to gain maximum results from this powerful rudraksha beads. 

Authentic Rudraksha beads are a natural seeds which are grown in the parts of Nepal, Indonesia, India and some other countries. Since Natural Rudraksha cannot be machine-manufactured, they are grown in limited number. Almost 98% of all rudraksha grown is 5 mukhi, and rest 2% is grown other mukhis. For that reason the price of 5 mukhi is very less compared to other mukhis which can range for Rs 50 to Rs 3000. For other mukhis such as 1 mukhi, gaurishanker, 7 mukhi rudraksha and rest, the price can range from Rs 1500 to Rs 50 lakhs per bead. We at Eka Rudraksha source all original Rudraksha beads from direct farmers and distribute worldwide. That's why our prices are very reasonable and affordable to most people who are want to buy certified rudraksha online. 

When you buy authentic rudraksha beads, malas and gold chains from us, you get the assurance that the rudraksha beads are 100% Original, Tested and Certified. We also perform Vedic Energization of the Rudraksha before sending it to you. We help you follow all the steps needed to live your Rudraksha journey successfully.  

All our Rudraksha are tested by our Rudraksha experts on-site. After that, a Report is Generated that mentions the genuinity of the rudraksha beads. A copy of the Original rudraksha certificate is then attached to your Rudraksha, packed and dispatched to you. We personally do thorough checks of the Rudraksha to make sure there the Rudraksha is pure and natural. 

Energization ( Abhimantrit ) is a very important procedure that needs to be followed before wearing Pure Rudraksha malas. When you buy Real Rudraksha from us then all the Rudraksha charging procedure is done using Vedic Pooja methods through Well-trained Hindu Priests to make sure you get the full benefits There is no stone left unturned by us while performing the rudraksha energization process. 

Expert Guidance is very important while living the journey of wearing Rudraksha. The very limited information on authentic rudraksha over the internet makes the situation worse for genuine rudraksha seekers who wish to live the journey of Rudraksha healing but need a holding hand.  We at Eka Rudraksha will provide expert support and guidance on selecting the rudraksha, the process of wearing the rudraksha and tips for maintaining the rudraksha. You can relax and count on us. 

Rudraksha maintainence is a very important step that needs to be followed regulary in order to keep the your rudraksha in optimal condition. Maintainence makes sure that the energy of the rudraksha is preserved and in its most potent form. The rudraksha maintainence process will prevent the rudraksha from developing cracks and insects. 

Ways to maintain your rudraksha are : 

1 : Do not use the Rudraksha while sleeping as it may cause the rudraksha to break. 

2 : Remove the rudraksha while taking bath to avoid it getting dhyedrated from soap/chemicals.

3 : Oil your Rudraksha regulary with any non sticky oil to prevent cracks from developing. 

4 : While not wearing Rudraksha for long time, keep it in your fridge if you live in hot areas. Before keeping seal it in a air tight pouch. 


All the three types of Rudraksha are formed by the tears of Mahadev only. But there is a story that Lord Shiva's tears first fell into the himalayas of Nepal and later the trees were grown in other parts of the world. If we consider the experiences of thousand of people who have used Rudraksha overs these years, we have found that Rudraksha from Nepal shown faster results than indonesian and Indian varieties. But if we consider the long term results of the all the varieties, we didn't see any significant difference between the results. So this clearly proves that Rudraksha from all regions are powerful and will give you good results in the long term. 

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