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7 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits

The Padma Purana 169b-174

 In every mouth of this rudr?ksa serpents have settled. Anant, Karkat, Pundareek, Takshak, Vashoshiban, Karoash, and Shankhchud. “

Since 7 Serpents reside inside each of the faces, the wearer of this Rudraksha becomes free from any kind of poisoning. In fact, the wearer is blessed with god-like pleasures. Worshipping this Rudraksha gives the inner power to destroy enemies.

The 7 Mukhi is blessed with the Mahalakshmi – The Goddess of Wealth. Therefore, this heavenly Rudraksha should be used by businessmen, corporate jobholders, investors, lawyers, & chartered accountants to gain wealth & prosperity.

A. 7 Mukhi Physical Benefits

The Ruling Planet of 7 Mukhi Rudraksha is Saturn. The Saturn planet cures all the diseases of those who pray for it. Therefore, 7 Mukhi is very beneficial in curing various health issues such as heart problems, sexual diseases, throat infections, and skin diseases. Moreover, wearing this Rudraksha can also cure pain in the muscles. Numerous people who have used this Rudraksha in the past have been able to control the pain caused by Arthritis.

B. 7 Mukhi Emotional/Spiritual Benefits

The 7 Mukhi can bring the wearer increased attention from a person of the opposite gender. Moreover, this Rudraksha also helps the wearer get through mental trauma caused by events such as the death of a loved one, accidents, etc. Additionally, doing the Japa of a 7 Mukhi Mala can help cleanse the mind and keep it calm.

C. 7 Mukhi Material Benefits

Goddess Mahalaxmi blesses to those whoever wears and worships the mala of 7 Mukhi. As a result, the wearer gets wealth and bad luck is removed from this life. In addition to that, this powerful Rudraksha brings name, fame, progress in life.


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