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Rudraksha bracelets are worn by believers of Lord shiva's divine power. In this page, you can buy Rudraksha bracelets in our online store where we have bracelets of different sizes. They are made in various metals such as gold, silver or elastic thread. Now buy rudraksha bracelets of both nepal and indonesia origin. 



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Rudraksha bracelets are a timeless accessories used since thousand of years. Rudraksha bracelets are worn in hand for gaining the powerful benefits of Rudrakshas in our body. These bracelets can in various shape sizes and cane be made with different mukhis. You can browse various types of Rudraksha bracelets at our store and buy rudraksha bracelet online from us. Our unique designs are suitable to everyone who want to buy a rudraksha hand bracelet. 

Types of Rudraksha bracelets available at Eka Rudraksha

Rudraksha bracelets for men

Rudraksha bracelets for men are basically used by men over 18 years old and can be used daily. Generally Rudraksha bracelets for men are bigger in size, but we have both bigger and smaller size bracelets for men. We have rudraksha bracelets in different mukhis for men. We have mens rudraksha bracelet in silver, gold or other metal as well. Rudraksha Bracelets that men wear come in nepali or indonesian rudraksha. 

Rudraksha bracelets for women

we have Rudraksha bracelets for women in different designs. These bracelets can be worn by women everyday irrespective of anything. Rudraksha bracelets for women can be worn at either left or right hand and there is no such rule. Women's rudraksh bracelet come in different metals such as gold, silver, elastic or thread. Women can wear these bracelets at  different occasion or festivals. We also do customized Rudraksha bracelet for women which you can order from us. 

Rudraksha bracelets in silver

Rudraksha bracelets in silver are sometimes made in standard sizes and other time we ask for your size to make a rudraksha bracelet for you. Our collection of silver rudraksha bracelets come in different mukhis such as 2 mukhi, 3 mukhi, 4 mukhi, 5 mukhi, 6 mukhi, 7 mukhi, and other mukhis. They can be customzed and multiple types of mukhis can be combined. Talking about designer for silver bracelets, we can do bracelets with silver capping or just with silver wire. We also have various capping designs in silver bracelets that you can buy from our catalog. Make sure you order original rudraksha bracelets in silver from our store to get original rudraksha with authenticity certificate. 

Rudraksha bracelets in gold

Rudraksha bracelets in gold or gold plating are made by custom ordering on our website. Once you place an order for the rudrasha bracelet in our online store we will check your wrist size and then make the rudraksha bracelet for you. Gold rudraksha bracelets are done in various mukhis that can either be a nepali rudraksha or an indonesian rudraksha. Sometimes we may use indian rudraksha in gold rudraksha bracelets as per your needs. When you plan to place rudraksha bracelets from our store, make sure you check our collections for Rudraksha bracelets in gold or gold plated. 

5 mukhi rudraksha bracelets

Rudraksha bracelets with 5 mukhi are the most popular among Rudraksha buyers because its is the most commonly used rudraksha all over the world. 5 mukhi rudraksha has 5 lines on them and is ruled by Lord shiva and planet jupiter. 5 mukhi rudraksha bracelets can come in various sizes and depending on the origin of the 5 mukhi rudraksha bead, the price of the 5 mukhi rudraksha may vary. You can buy 5 mukhi rudraksha bracelets from our online store to get best ones for you. We have various categories for both men and women. 

7 mukhi rudraksha bracelets

Rudraksha bracelet having 7 mukhi is a very specific type of rudraksha bracelets worn to boost financial success. The 7 mukhi rudraksha bracelet is ruled by Maa laxmi and planet saturn. The 7 face rudraksha bracelet can help you in relieving the negative effects of saturn and sadesati in your life. You can shop for 7 mukhi rudraksha bracelets at out online shop ekarudraksha and get it home delivered through express courier. We have 7 mukhi rudraksha bracelets in silver caps, in elastic or adjustable thread as well. Make sure you order it from our store so that you get original one and get the results you want from it. 

4 mukhi rudraksha bracelet

The 4 mukhi rudraksha bracelet is genetally considered best for students and children. The rudraksha bracelet having 4 mukhi is ruled by Lord saraswati the goddess of knowledge. The 4 mukhi rudraksha bracelet can be worn by both men and women and it should be worn in the hand which we use to write. Four mukhi rudraksha bracelets come in both nepali rudraksha and indonesian rudraksha and are made in silver, gold or elastic thread, You can buy 4 mukhi rudraksha bracelets at our online store ekarudraksha. 

Nepali rudraksha bracelets

The Rudraksha from Nepal are considered very powerful and are given most priority when buying rudraksha bracelets online. The Nepali rudraksha bracelets may look a bit bigger in size but they are good to wear for both men and women. In the bracelets, only a few nepali rudraksha beads are enough to keep and its has more than enough power. Sometime we make Nepali rudraksha bracelets with just one nepal rudraksha bead and rest all indonesian rudraksha beads. This type combination also good to wear as it is both powerful and comfortable to wear.

Small size rudraksha bracelets

Small size rudraksha bracelets are quite common among people who want to keep their rudraksha anonymous. Small size rudraksha bracelets are generally made with indonesian rudraksha as it is difficult to find nepali rudraksha beads in small sizes. Small size are mostly preferred by women and children as they are easy to wear and less bulky compared to nepali big size rudraksha bracelets.We have  small size rudraksha bracelets in elastic thread, normal thread, silver or gold. Make sure you order small size rudraksha bracelet from us to get original rudraksha delivered at your home. 

Rudraksha bracelets with crystals

Rudraksha bracelets with crystals are a great way to wear rudraksha and gain more better results out of it. Rudraksha bracelets can be combined with crystals such as jade, sphatik, rose quartz, aventurine, 7 chakra bead and many other crystals. Wearing Rudraksha bracelets with crystals can enchance the energu of the rudraksha and provide you great results over a log period of time. You can buy Rudraksha bracelets with crystals on our online store very easily and get home delivery. 

Benefits of wearing Rudraksha bracelet

Rudraksha bracelets are worn on hand for many benefits. The first and foremost benefit to buy rudraksha bracelet is you won't need to wear the rudraksha in neck. Some people prefer to wear in neck and its their personal choice but many people are currently considering bracelets as an option. Wearing Rudraksha bracelet also looks classy and trendy if you want more fashion out of it. Many nerves and accupressure points in our body are connected though our wrist. So wearing rudraksha will help open those connection points and give relief in many diseases in our body. These are just a few benefits we have discussed and there are lots of other numerours benefits. 

Why should i buy Rudraksha bracelets from Eka Rudraksha

Eka Rudraksha is a very experienced and expert organization in rudraksha industry. Our experts Mr Ankur and Dr Sushil are well versed with the benefits of different types of Rudraksha. As a result they have created Rudraksha bracelets that are made according to vedic rules and regulations so that the wearer can get most benefits. When you buy Rudraksha bracelets from Eka Rudraksha, you get assurance that the Rudraksha used are original lab certified and they are also vedic energized activated so that you can wear them directly and do not have to worry. Buying bracelets from Eka Rudraksha will give you peace of mind and benefits that you actually want. 

Rudraksha bracelet FAQs

Who can wear rudraksha bracelets ? can women wear them?

Rudraksha bracelets can be worn by anyone who wants to get the benefits of the divine bead rudraksha. There is no such restrictions on who can wear rudraksha and who cannot. We all are children of Mahadev and we all deserve to get the benefits from the tears of Mahadev. Women can Rudraksha bracelet at all times and even kids can wear Rudraksha bracelet. 

How to take care of Rudraksha bracelets?

The best way to take care of Rudraksha bracelets is to oil the rudraksha beads regularly. Oiling the bead regulary can prevent the rudraksha from dehydration and cracks developing. Also remember to remove Rudraksha while taking bath and sleeping to prevent from any damage or dehydration. While you're not wearing Rudraksha bracelet for a long time make sure to keep the bracelets in your fridge, but make sure you pack it in a airtight packet before putting. 

What are the rules to wear Rudraksha bracelets?

There are no hard and fast rules to wear Rudraksha bracelets. But you will need to take care of few things before wearing rudraksha. Make sure the Rudraksha bracelet you're wearing is energized/activated by vedic process. If you buy from us then its pre-energized. Also one rule you must follow is to remove the Rudraksha before visiting any funeral. 


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