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Welcome to our collection of Original 2 mukhi rudraksha from Nepal, Indonesia and India. You can compare the varietes and buy 2 mukhi rududraksha online from our website to get home delivery with certification and energization. 


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2 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits

A. 2 Mukhi Spiritual/Emotional benefits

The 2 Mukhi brings unity in relationships and creates a strong bonding between people. Therefore, this Rudraksha is best for those who want to get married soon. It clears any hurdles that are occurring and preventing from getting the right match. Moreover, it is very beneficial for those who have ongoing relationship problems.

People who are looking for spiritual gains and want to attain nirvana should worship this Rudraksha.

B. 2 Mukhi Material benefits

The 2 Mukhi is highly beneficial for Material gains as well. One who is not able to have children should worship this Rudraksha for 7 Mondays to beget children.


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