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Rudraksha mala are worn by men and women since ancient times to heal the their sorrows in today's unpredictable world. Now Buy Rudraksha malas online at our store. Original Rudraksha malas are the divine spiritual rosaries that comfort you when needed most. 



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Types of Rudraksha Malas for wearing and doing Japa

Rudraksha Mala in thread without knots 

Rudraksha beads when they are made in thread can be made without knots as well. It is a faiirly easy process that can be done easily. It just involves the putting of rudraksha beads inside the thread and then tie a knot at the end. This type of unknotted mala can be good for wearing but not suitable for doing japa because there is no intentional gap between the beads. This type of malas are sold by many big websites who claim rudraksha should touch each other but its not true at all. These are not made in accordance to the vedic scriptures. You can browse our malas section to buy various types of rudraksha malas. 

Rudraksha Mala in thread with knots for multi purpose

Rudraksha mala done in thread with knots between each beads is the best rudraksha mala to buy for yourself. It is suitable for both wearing and japa purpose. Such rudraksha mala is knotted according to what is mentioned in the vedic scriptures. Rudraksha mala with ganth has such arrangement that the energy between the beads flows the most optimally. This configuration also derives a lot of energy during japa. These types of mala have generally 108 beads configuration. We have a wide varierty of Rudraksha malas in our website which you can browse and then order online to get home delivery. You will also get the mala energized and with certificate of authenticity. 

Rudraksha Mala with woolen spacers

This type mala also follows the process mentioned in our scriptures. The mala are given asana ( seat ) by the woolen spacers in such way that the energy of the mala is transferred equally to each part of the mala. This type mala is also called kantha mala and is used only for wearing purpose. Merely wearing such type of malas will give good results to the wear. Such type mala mukhis can range from 5 mukhi to 14 mukhi. We have a good variety of Rudraksha mala with woolen spacers in our online rudraksha store. 

Rudraksha mala in Silver For men and women 

The rudraksha malas done in silver are very popular among people want durability in their malas. Mala in Silver are generally used for wearing purpose only. Because such malas are made in durable silver, they do not break easily. Rudraksha malas in silver are sweatproof and can be used for a long time without any issues. Silver rudraksha malas are generally made with 54 beads, sometimes with 72 beads and in 108 beads very few times. 54 or 72 beads is optimal length in order for the Rudraksha to touch the heart. Rudraksha silver malas are done in designer silver caps and strong wire to make it sturdy. We have many types of silver Rudraksha mala in our online store which you can browse and buy rudraksha mala easily. Those who want a balanced energy should wear in silver. 

Rudraksha mala in Gold for men and women

Gold is considered the king of metals and so is same for Rudrakshs as it is also king of all gems. The combination of Rudrakshas with gold is considered very auspicious as this create very high amount of energy for the mala. The energy of gold will magnify the energy of the rudraksha mala altogether. Rudraksha gold malas are also very durable and can be worn for a long time without facing the issues of breakage. Gold Rudraksha chain malas are generally done in 54,72 or 108 for small indonesian beads and 21,27,32 or 54 for bigger nepalese rudraksha beads. There are different mukhi rudraksha available which can be combined to make customized malas according to the wearer's needs. We have a large variety of gold plated rudraksha mala in our stock. If you want pure gold rudraksha mala then you need to contact us personally are request for the service. 

Nepali rudraksha beads mala

Nepali Rudraksha beads mala are generally bigger in size and referred to an Kantha Mala. They are bulky and heavier and their indonesian counterparts. They are considered more powerful and showns faster results as per the testmonial of thousands of users. But Nepali Rudraksha kanthas are not suitable to do Japa because of their big sizes. Nepali Kantha malas are generally made in a lesser number of beads such as 21, 27, 32, or 54 depending the size of beads and requirements for the wearer. Nepali kantha mala can be done in a thick thread with knotsor with woolen spacers in between the beads. They can be done on a silver or gold capping as well. You can browse our kantha mala section in the Siddha malas & Kanthas section. 

Indonesian rudraksha beads mala

The malas from indonesia are the most widely used malas for wearing and doing japa. Their USP is their smaller size which makes it easier for anyone to wear and keep it anonymous. Indonesian malas have less thorny structure than in the Nepalese ones. The indonesian japa malas shows slower results but their results increase exponentially over time, generating superb benefits. These malas are generally done in knotted mala with 108 bead and 1 sumeru guru bead. The most common mala known as 5 mukhi mala is the most used indonesian rudraksha mala. These mala are knotted at our rudraksha shop in delhi where are create different variations of those malas. You can buy all types of indonesian rudraksha mala at our online store from 1 mukhi to 14 mukhi. 

Different mukhi malas 

Rudraksha malas can be made on different mukhis depeding on the requirements of the wearer. Mostly 5 mukhi rudraksha mala is the most commonly used mala among rudraksha users. But other mukhis mala such as 6 mukhi mala, 7 mukhi mala, 8 mukhi mala, 9 mukhi mala, 10 mukhi mala are used for various purposes. Also mukhi malas such as 1 mukhi rudraksha mala, 2 mukhi rudraksha mala, 3 mukhi rudraksha mala & 4 mukhi rudraksha malas are also very powerful and used accroding to what is suggested to the user. These mala can be either Nepali mala or indonesian mala, Even indian rudraksha malas are also available in this. We have various types of Rudraksha malas in our mala category which you can browse and buy from us. 

Panchmukhi rudraksha mala

Panchmukhi rudraksha mala also called 5 mukhi rudraksha mala is the most common and widely used rudraksha mala. It is widely accepted as a default rudraksha mala. Whenever there is a talk of rudraksha mala, then definitely it is about 5 mukhi rudraksha mala only. It can be used by both wearing and japa and is very divine and powerful. In panchmukhi mala we have various varieties such as normal rudraksha mala and pathri/chikna dana rudraksha mala which is more durable. In our stocks we have colored and uncolored mala both available in our store. Make sure you select the best mala according to you budget and price. 

Mala for keeping in home 

For keeping in home pooja ghar you can use any malas but better if you consult our rudraksha experts before ordering the mala from us. Generally 5 mukhi mala would be more than enough to keep in pooja room but if your requirements are unique and you want a particular benefit then you can go with other varieties such as different mukhi malas, chikna dana mala, pathri mala, nepali rudraksha mala or any other. We have a lot of rudraksha mala variety available on our website and we deliver the mala all over the world. 


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