About Eka Rudraksha

Eka Rudraksha was founded by Sushil Kumar Agrawal in 1996 as Sushil Agrawal Rudraksha Bhandar Pashupatinath Temple, KathmanduNepal. We are also located in New Delhi, India. The father-son duo works in coordination with each other to ensure seamless delivery all over the world.

We have a strong 24 years experience which makes us a pioneer in this field. As cliche it may sound, we have a mission to promote authentic Rudraksha beads all over the globe, creating a win-win situation for both the users and the Rudraksha Industry. In addition to that, we keep planting Rudraksha saplings, which will grow to be tall Rudraksha trees, helping for a greener planet.

About Eka Rudraksha

One of our greatest assets is our location. We directly deal with expert Nepalese Rudraksha farmers who farm A+ grade beads at the lap of the himalayas. This direct dealing gives us access to the largest catalog of freshly harvested Nepalese Rudraksha, from which we intricately select premium beads and bring to you. We make sure each and every bead is full of health in terms of size, shape, lusture, weight and color.

Not only do we make sure that the beads are of finest quality, we also make sure we bring those beads to you at a great price. This doesn?t mean we put the farmers on the backfoot. We make sure that the farmers get the greatest compensation from their harvests. We contend ourselves as a bridge between the user and those hard working farmers.

The Sadhus living in the vicinity of the Pashupatinath temple have inherited the original art of using Rudraksha beads for thousands of years. Staying close to Pashupatinath ? through interacting with Sadhu-Sants, we have very well learned, if not mastered, that art. We also strive to bring that knowledge to you through  Eka Rudraksha .

We have come so far, have learned so much and are still learning. As excited everyday to bring to you the top notch Rudrakshas, we are equally honored to do so. We thank you for being a part of our journey.

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