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Rudraksha pendants are single or multiple Rudraksha beads done in basic thread, silver capping or gold capping. These pendants have multitude of benefits and they can be made accroding to the purpose of the user. 


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Rudraksha Pendants Benefits

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Rudraksha pendants design gold

Rudraksha pendant design in gold look very elegant and beautiful. They can be worn in either gold capping and thread with gold capping and gold chain. We do Rudraksha pendant designs in gold only on order. You can place your order on oir website directly or ask us to do a customized design according to your requirements we will do it for you. All our Rudraksha pendants in gold are done in pure 22karat gold with 916 hallmark. Make sure you browse our section of original rudraksha gold chain pendants well to make your buying decision. 

Rudraksha pendants silver

Rudraksha pendants in silver are extraordinary design done in pure silver. They are done in either silver capping only or with a silver chain as well. Both options are suitable according to your requirements. We cover the rudraksha from both sides using silver designer capping and then tie with silver wire to make a loop where you can either insert any chain or just thread. Our original rudraksha chain lockets can be done using either Nepali or indonesian rudraksha beads using single rudraksha or multiple combination of rudrakshas depending on the requirement of the user. Our rudraksha pendants silver can be used by both men and women. You can browse our selction of Rudraksha pendants silver and order from our online store. 

Rudraksha pendants with chain

If you're looking for rudraksha pendant with chain then you're at the right place as we have various collections of rudraksha pendants with chain of silver, gold or stainless steel. These rudraksha pendants with chain are made with btoh Nepal and indonesian rudraksha bead with mukhis having 1 mukhi, 3 mukhi, 7 mukhi, Gaurishanker rudraksha and many more. The rudraksha pendants with chain are also available in multiple combinations of rudraksha mukhis which can be worn by both men and women. If you want more durability then you should Rudraksha pendants with chain as normal thread will wear out over time and then you will have to replace them. Check out our collection of rudraksha pendants with chain in our website. 

Rudraksha pendant nepal

Nepal rudraksha is considered my many as very powerful and known to show faster results. We make various types of rudraksha pendant nepal at our shop. The nepalli rudraksha pendants are done in various ways. Some examples are nepali rudraksha pendant in normal thread, nepal rudraksha pendant in silver capping with thread, rudraksha pendant nepal in silver capping with silver chain and many more. Original Nepali rudraksha chain lockets are suitable for both men and women as they can be worn as a locket form. There is a wide variety of nepal rudraksha pendants in our online shop which you can purchase using many payment methods. 

Rudraksha locket models

Are you looking for various rudraksha locket models and want to buy one for yourelf or someone to gift? We have various rudraksha models such as basic rudraksha capping, rudraksha designer capping in silver or gold, rudraksha trishul damru designs, rudraksha mahakaal locket models, rudraksha shiva locket models, rudraksha locket models with hanuman ji, ganesha, durga and other gods as well. Our rudraksha locket models are versatile and suitable for you needs. Check out our unique om design rudraksha lockets in our online store and order which mukhi do you need.  

Rudraksha pendant for men

Men generally like to wear rudraksha in pendant form and in that they prefer bigger rudraksha beads. Our Rudraksha pendant for men are designer according to the needs and comfort requirements for men. Sometimes it is very important to consider the energy of the rudraksha as men need higher energy from the rudraksha so we generally use slight bigger size rudraksha in the pendants for men. For that reason generally Nepali Rudraksha used to dessign Men's Rudraksha pendants.  We have also seen that men sometimes want to wear more than one rudraksha in a pendant so that's why we have kept in mind before desigining our rudraksha pendants for men. You can view our gallery of rudraksha pendant for men at our online store and shop your favourite ones. 

Rudraksha pendant for women 

Women like a lot of varieties and want to choose from a big collection and make an inform decision before making a purchase. For that reason we have made sure that we have enough designs to discover so that the women can choose according to thier needs. Rudraksha pendant for women are generally done in small size rudraksha beads and mostly indonesian rudrakshas are used in it. But its very important that we also include nepal rudraksha beads in the collection so that theu can have the option to select the ones they needs. We have however given option for variation in the rudraksha beads section as well but this section so more easier to browse for designs. Shop now for our category of Rudraksha pendant for women. 

Rudraksha pendant benefits

There are numerous benefits of wearing rudraksha pendants such as good mood, proper blood circulation, decreased chances of heart disease, strong immune system. The most important rudraksha pendant benefit is that the rudraksha touches the heart region of the wearer which makes it the optimal position to have goof effects in our body. The Rudraksha pendant is helping to balance the throat and heart chakra when its worn and helps in many things. Wearing a Gaurishanker Rudraksha pendant over heart region will help in cough & cold problems. If you wear a 14 mukhi rudraksha over your heart region the you will develop a power of sixth sense. Browse our variety of rudraksha pendants in different mukhi, metal and combination and get numerious rudraksha pendant benefits. 

Why buy Rudraksha pendants from Ekarudraksha?

Rudraksha pendants from Eka rudraksha are versatile, durable, good looking, confortable and easy to wear. The Eka rudraksha rudraksha pendants come in different mukhis so that user can choose according to their needs or suggested by an expert. Most importantly rudraksha pendants from Eka rudraksha are 100% original rudraksh mukhs are come with a certificate of authenticity whch guarantees the genuinity of the Rudraksha beads. When you buy Rudraksha pendants from eka rudraksha, then you get a pre-energized/ activated rudraksha pendant which you can directly wear. We also offer free guidance on how to wear the rudraksha and all the rules related to rudraksha pendants. We are an industry expert since last 30 years in Rudraksah field. 

Rudraksha Pendant FAQs

Can i go to washroom while wearing rudraksha pendant?

Yes there is no problem to go to washroom while wearing rudraksha pendant. Make sure you touch the rudraksha pendant only after washing your hands. Also keep in mind not to touch the rudraksha pendant with any soap/handwash. 

Where can i put my Rudraksha pendant while sleeping or while not in use?

If you're planning to not wear the rudraksha pendant for a long time then keep it in our fridge, but first pack it into a airtight pouch before placing in fridge. While sleeping remove the rudraksha pendant and keep in inside the protective pouch received from us. The pouch can be place anywhere as long as rudraksha inside the pouch. 

What is the price of a rudraksha pendant in your online store?

The price of rudraksha pendant in our store can vary depending on many factors such as type of mukhi of rudraksha, metak used to capping and whether the its done in chain or just thread. For an idea our Rudraksha pendant of 5 mukhi rudraksha in silver capping with thread starts with INR 950 and from there the prices can range upto INR 50k. The price may also vary depending on the number of rudrakshas used in the pendant. Nepali rudraksha pendant are generally more expensive than indonsian rudraksha pendants. 

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