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Authentic Siddha mala rudraksha are the divine rosaries used for spiritual elevation. They are the blessings of Mahadev to us for a better life. You can buy siddha mala online from our collection below. Siddha mala has Rudraksha from 1 mukhi to 14 mukhi, Gaurishanker and ganesha. 


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Siddha malas Rudraksha nepal from 1 mukhi to 14 mukhi

What is Siddha mala rudraksha from Nepal?

Original Rudraksha Siddha mala is an ultimate mala that has rudraksha which are 1 mukhi, 2 mukhi, 3 mukhi, 4 mukhi, 5 mukhi,  6 mukhi, 7 mukhi, 8 mukhi, 9mukhi , 10 mukhi ,11 mukhi, 12 mukhi, 13 mukhi, 14 mukhi, Gaurishanker & Ganesha. This mala is menioned in the Vedic scriptures which mentions that a devotee must wear all types of Rudraksha with full devotion and chanting mantras to get all worldly pleasures in life. Buy your first genuine siddha mala with Eka Rudraksha Brand. 

Why Siddha mala is so powerful?

Siddha mala has all types of Rudrakshas and because of this the power of all the rudraksha is stored in one mala. The combination of all the benefits of different types of Rudraksha is magnified when they are arranged in the form of the siddha mala. Plus the power of siddha mala has importance because of its mention in the scriptures. Hundreds of users have good siddha mala experiece when it buy it from Eka Rudraksha Brand. 

What are Siddha mala benefits?

The benefits of siddha malas are so diverse and cannot be explained but experienced by the wearer. To elaborate, Siddha mala will be like a guide for you to help you get success in all paths of life. As per scriptures, the siddha mala will remove all the sins of the wear and full blessings from Mahadev. This mala is also considered to be the remover of all the negative energies near us. The ultimate Siddha mala is so powerful that it can nullify the negative effects of all the planets in our kundli. The siddha mala that you buy from us is genuine and will give you al the benefits associated with the mala. 

What is the price of Siddha mala rudraksha?

The actual price of siddha mala from Nepal can range from INR 1,25,000 to 3 lakhs depending on the configuration of the rudaksha in it. The one from indonesia can start from INR 15,000 and go upto 1 lakhs. The prices are not fixed and they can change depending on the offer we give, time of the year, market forces. So always check price on our website before you make you purchase of a siddha mala. 

How to choose best siddha rudraksha mala for me?

The process to choose the one rudraksha siddha mala for you depends on many factors such as size of beads, configuration, budget and making material. 


When buying siddha mala size of beads matters because some people want to wear small size because it want to keep it hidden and want more comfort. Such people can buy indonesian siddha mala from us.  On the other hand some people have no preferences so thay can go with bigger sizes as well. We have all the siddha mala sizes available in our store. 


In General the Siddha rudraksha mala is defined as having 1 mukhi to 14 mukhi, GS and Ganesha. But in order to make a vedic combination we have to make it either, 27+1, 32+1, 54+1 or 108+1. Depending on the configuration need we will put the extra beads to make up for the requirements. So you can buy from us depending which type of configuration you need. 


Budget is the most important factor when you want to buy a siddha rudraksha mala for yourself. The prices can range frm INR 15K to 100K for indonesian and 125K to 300K for Nepali siddha malas. So according to your budget you can choose the most suitable siddha mala from our gallery. 


Siddha malas can be done in a basic thread or an woolen thread as well. Sometimes we have knots in between each beads and sometimes we put woolen spacers in between the siddha mala. These malas can be done in Silver, Gold or copper as well which will increase the cost the mala but will also make the mala more sturdy and long lasting. we have different types of siddha mala available in different materials in our online store which you can browse and purchse from us

Where to buy Authentic Siddha mala nepal rudraksha?

Eka Rudraksha is a specialized online rudraksha store for ethusiasts who want to buy the authentic siddha mala at affordable prices. Here you can browse various types of Siddha rudraksha malas which can fulfill all your needs. We have original siddha malas for sale on our website which you will get with lab certification. All the siddha mala rudrakshas are pre-energized through vedic steps and delivered wherever you are. Start your Siddha mala journey with us to be able to experience the ultimate power and get positive results for you life. 


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