We deal with 100% authentic natural Rudraksha beads sourced directly from The Himalayas. All our Rudrakshas are certified by experts at a Government approved lab. Be rest assured, we check the authenticity of beads personally to make sure there is no error. We also issue a lab certificate upon request by the customer. Additionally, We have put up a detailed article on the blog section on 5 things to keep in mind before buying rudraksha. 

In our 24 years of experience, we have learned from our customers’ experiences that Rudrakshas from any part of the world have a positive effect on the human body. But since Nepalese beads are bigger in size and have bigger seeds inside, they have a greater effect on our body than Rudraksha from other parts of the world.

We base all the descriptions of our products on the ancient text and Shiva puranas. Since ages people have been using Rudraksha and telling tales about its positive effects that has helped people transform their life. But we do not guarantee that merely wearing Rudraksha can change your life as it completely depends upon how you use it. If you follow our detailed instructions then it will definitely have positive results.

Neither our ancient texts nor Nature discriminate based on anything be it gender,age or anything else. We strongly suggest that women wear rudraksha to gain the positive effects. Women shoulduse Rudraksha during periods as well as there is no such restrictions. 

A healthy rudraksha bead is considered as that which is not insect ridden and free from any fungus. We at Eka Rudraksha make sure that all the beads are free from any of these issues. This assures that the Rudraksha won’t cause you any skill allergies. If you have any allergies caused by Rudraksha you got from any other source then you might need to consult a skin specialist.

We recommend that you do not wear Rudraksha when visiting a funeral. A dead body will absorb the power of Rudraksha and might make it ineffective. 

Since Rudraksha is a natural herb, it belongs to each and every human being in this world. Ancient hindu texts do not have any limitations for wearing Rudraksha. In fact, we suggest that Rudraksha should be worn by everybody irrespective of their religion, caste, gender or age.

As far as the ancient texts are concerned, there is no indication of prohibition of wearing rudraksha while smoking, drinking and having non-veg food. If you feel uneasy even after that then you can clean your rudraksha with cow milk to purify it.

We believe that Rudraksha is a natural herb and natural herbs never have a negative, if not positive, effect into our body.

The best way to keep your Rudraksha healthy is to keep oiling it periodically. You can use any type of oil used in home. Make sure you do not put too much oil as it might make the surfaces sticky. Use a toothbrush to put the oil over its surfaces and mukhis.

Since Rudrakshas absorb all the oil and negative energy from our body, they become blacker over time. It is a good sign for rudraksha to become black over time.

While most numbers are supposed to be customized according to user and purpose, a few universal numbers can be worn by anybody. The universal numbers are 108, 54, 33, 28,21,11,7,5,3,1.

Rudraksha worn in any way is beneficial to the human body. But we suggest wearing some particular beads in gold or silver to amplify the effect.

We have sent your order details on your Email ID you provided while making a purchase. Most probably we would also have sent you the shipping tracking ID on the Email. If in any case you want to know the status of your order then please feel free to share with us the order details on either Email or Whatsapp.

Generally customers get confirmation Email within 10 seconds of placing the order. At rare events, due to high server traffic, you might not receive a confirmation Email or it might get delayed. We suggest you contact us with your personal details so that we can verify your order.

www.ekarudraksha.com and all its pages are protected with SSL security. Both PayPal and Razorpay have 100% secure payment servers on their checkout pages. We do not store any of your credit/Debit card information. All data is processed through secure servers.

If there is any issue while browsing the website or making a purchase, then please feel free to call us on our numbers given on the contact us page or you can also email us with the screenshot/details of the issue. We will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Yes we have an option for taking orders on both Email, Whatsapp and Phone. After confirmation of the product, you can make payment on the link we send you on Email or Whatsapp. For payment of orders through the Phone we use CCAVENUE’S Phone Pay to securely place your order. Don’t worry we will guide you through all the steps.

Yes, we provide customized mukhi mala for you. You need to contact us through either email or phone with detailed customization instructions.

We provide instant recommendation which you can get by filling your Date of birth or Zodiac sign into the Instant recommendation page. You can also get a detailed consultation ( it generally takes 2-3 days for us to get back to you ) by filling all the details required on the respective page. Additionally you can also browse through the Rudraksha combination category for readymade combinations made based upon purpose or profession.

Yes, you can directly text us on our whatsapp number +91-7742843374 for free consultation. You can also ask for a consultation over the phone. Consultation is free of charge.

Yes we do provide energizing pooja service as an optional service. You can either order it directly from our services section or add as an extra service in the product page.

Yes we provide customizations in pure gold but for order shipped only within India and Nepal.

The photos available in our products are for reference purpose only. Since Rudraksha is a natural product, all beads are unique. All our Rudraksha are quality tested before we keep in our stock. Please be rest assured that we will select the best beads for you keeping in mind your requirements & request. 

A Nepalese Eka mukhi Rudraksha does not exist in nature. If someone is trying to sell you one then they are trying to fool you. In our 24 years of direct dealing with Nepalese farmers, we have never ever seen an Eka mukhi Nepalese Rudraksha. However, there is an underdeveloped version of Eka mukhi Nepalese Rudraksha used as a substitute. Moreover, the substitute for Nepalese 1 mukhi Rudraksha is also found in Indonesia and India. The Indonesian 1 mukhi is eye shaped whereas the Indian 1 mukhi is cashew shaped. Both are available abundantly and have properties of a 1 mukhi Rudraksha.

We would be more than happy to help you and share our knowledge with you. Please send us a few clear pictures, if possible video at info@ekarudraksha.com or on our Whatsapp no. +91-7742843374. We would try our best to help you. However, we highly recommend that you get it tested at a trusted scientific laboratory to be 100% sure.

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