Rules for wearing Rudraksha | All Queries answered

Rules for wearing Rudraksha | All Queries answered

Rules for wearing Rudraksha

There are certain rules for wearing rudraksha that must be followed and one must never ignore these rules. Rudraksha is a spiritual tool and so it is very important to follow these rules and do not ignore them. Following these rules will help you attain maximum benefits from the Rudraksha and Lord Shiva will bless you. We have given the rules for wearing rudraksha in detail in this article that will help you to maintain the sancity of the Rudraksha beads.

Here are the rules for wearing rudraksha:

  1. Remove while Shower bath.
  2. Remove while visiting death funeral.
  3. Remove while Sleeping.
  4. Don't share your Rudraksha with anyone.
  5. You can wear Rudraksha while having non-veg or alcohol.
  6. Women & children can wear Rudraksha. 
  7. You can wear while going toilet.
  8. Clean it every 6 to 8 months. 
  9. Wear it only after doing energization. 

Below is the video that explains the rules of wearing Rudraksha. 

How to wear Rudraksha correctly?

Rudraksha is a divine seeds formed from the tears of Lord Shiva when he was into deep meditation in the himalayas. It is object which has high energy in itself but it should be energized with vedic prana-prathistha before it can be worn to gain the full benefits form the rudraksha. The vedic pranaprathistha energizing or activating process can be done in by an experienced hindu pandit priest or by yourself at home. 

The hindu priest will perform a full Rudra-abhisekam path and purify the rudraksha with all the elements used in the process. If you're not able to perform the pooja through a priest and don't have such means then you can do a brief process at your home. You need to pour water on Rudraksha and chant “Om Namah Shivaya” 11 times and wear the Rudraksha.  You should wear the energized Rudraksha on Monday or any other auspicious day for the first time. 

You don't need to do Vedic Pranapratistha pooja for the Rudrakshas if you have bought them from They are pre-energized and activated before sending to you. 

Who Cannot wear Rudraksha?

Anyone irrespective of the age, gender or belief can wear Rudraksha. There is no restriction as such for anyone. Some people may argue about whether women can wear rudraksha or not. For that we have a full guide on rules of wearing rudraksha for females. There is no where written in any of our scriptures about restrictions for wearing rudraksha for a person based on their ethincity, cast, religion or gender. Everyone should wear rudraksha and embrace it for themselves and also should encourage others to wear rudraksha and gain the benefits of of it. 

Can I go toilet with Rudraksha?

Yes, you can go toilet with Rudraksha as long as you do not touch the rudraksha before washing your hands. The Rudrakshas are given by Lord Shiva to humans for the improvement in lives and its very important that we take care of the Rudraksha. Since we go to toilet multiple times in a day, it is not practical to remove rudraksha while going. So its better that we maintain a balance of it. There should is one thing that should be taken care that while washing our hand with soap or handwash, we should make sure that the rudraksha doesn't get touched to the soap or handwash by any means as it may dehydrate the Rudraksh. 

Can I use Rudraksha while taking bath / shower?

a person is wearing rudraksha while taking shower

You cannot use Rudraksha while taking bath or shower as most of time we apply soap / shampoo in our body to clean ourselves. The soap will go inside the pores of the Rudraksha and it will cause dehydration in the Rudraksha. The dehydration of Rudraksha is not good as it will significantly reduce the power of the Rudraksha. The dehydration will also cause the Rudraksha to develop cracks in the Rudraksha which will utimately reduce the life of the Rudraksha. So it is highly recommended to remove rudraksha while taking shower. If you're not using any soap, shampoo or any such chemicals to take shower then you have an option to not remove it. 

Can I use Rudraksha while visiting dead body?

No, you cannot use Rudraksha while visiting a dead body and there is big reason behind not doing this. It is said that where there is a dead body there are a lot of negative energies all around it. The negative energies around the dead body will absorb the power of Rudraksha and make it less powerful. So you should remove rudraksha before going to the funeral kriyakaram to protect the rudraksha. It is very important and if you mistakely wear it the you need to again energize it using the same process advised above. This rule is not applicable for those who work in hospital or funeral services. 

Is it okay to share my rudraksha with family/?

No, you cannot share your rudraksha with anyone but it family or friends. You need to be extremely careful with Rudraksha beads as it shouldn’t be worn by another member of the family as it is completely sacred and helps to bring your emotions in tune. It mustn’t be interchanged. The rudraksha is filled with high energy and the energy can diminish if worn by any other individual. Rudraksha beads get optimized with energy that is similar to the energy of the human that is wearing. So when another person wear the Rudraksha, it gets consumed and will not be able to optimise itself to give benefits. 

Can i consume non-veg or alcohol while wearing Rudraksha?

Yes it is okay to consume non-veg or alcohol while wearing Rudraksha as long as you believe in Rudrakshas. This fact can be verified in our vedic scriptures through Srimad Devi Bhagwatam. It is clearly in the favour of wearing rudraksha even if you have consumed non-veg or alcohol. It is believed that a person who wear rudraksha gets purified even if he has consumed these things and will slowly start to reduce the consumption by themselves.

This is the Shloka written in Shrimad Devi Bhagvatam, Book 3, Chapter 6 about rules for wearing rudraksha:

खादन्मांसं पिबन्मद्यं सङ्‌गच्छन्नन्त्यजानपि । 
पातकेभ्यो विमुच्येत रुद्राक्षं शिरसि स्थिते ॥

Meaning : Even a person who takes non-vegetarian food and imbibes in alcohol can wear Rudraksha as Rudraksha absolves a person from all sins.

Can I wear Rudraksha while sleeping?

woman is wearing rudraksha while sleeping and its okay

It is not recommended to wear Rudraksha while sleeping. There is a big reason behind this. During sleeping we are not aware of our physical positions and may move a lot due to restlessness. Rudraksha are thorny objects and while wearing them they may rub against out skin and can cause significant injury to our skin. So we ask you to remove it while sleeping. 

Another good reason to not wear rudraksha while sleeping is the make sure the rudraksha mala or bracelet do not break. Since Rudraksha are worn as a jewelry which is made either on gold, silver, copper or a thread / elastic, there is high chance that the Mala or bracelet may break or get loose while we rub it against out body while sleeping. So Its better not to wear Rudraksha while sleeping. 

Side effects of Wearing Rudraksha

There are no major side effects of wearing Rudraksha. This can be validated by the various testmonials from our thousands of customers who have experienced the power of Rudraksha. Rudraksha is a completely safe medium to healing. There is a huge misconception among seekers who wish to wear original rudraksha. Rudraksha are the seeds from the tears of Lord Shiva for the betterment of humans. 

There is even no scientific evidence that can validate any side effects of Rudraksha. Nowhere in our vedic scriptures there are mentioned any side effects of wearing Rudraksha. You can wear Rudraksha without any fear or doubt in mind and enjoy the positive energy provided by Rudraksha. So this can be there are No side effects of wearing rudraksha. 

How to clean & maintain my Rudraksha?

The maintaining process of Rudraksha is a very important part of wearing the rudraksha. The energy of the Rudraksha is well preserved if you follow this method of cleaning maintaining your Rudraksha. This process also makes sure that the life of rudraksha is increased as it prevents any type of crack, breakage or infestation in the Rudraksha. The method to cleans the Rudraksha is very easy. You should clean it every 6-8 months or when needed. 

Here are the key points mentioning process to clean/maintain rudraksha:

  1. Wash the Rudraksha under plain tap water. 
  2. Remove the dirt inside the pores with a hard tooth brush. 
  3. Wash again and repeat with tooth brush.
  4. Dry the rudraksha well under hot sun or using a hair dryer. 
  5. Apply any non-sicky oil well using any baby tooth brush. 

So we have discussed most of the rules that need to followed while wearing rudraksha. We have also answered many queries related to the rules for wearing rudrakshas. We have discussed in details each type of query and answered with due diligence. For Any Queries contact : +91-7742843374

Author : Ankur Agrawal

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