How to choose best rudraksha for myself

How to choose best rudraksha for myself

The 3 best ways to choose the most suitable rudraksha for yourself

Nowadays Original Rudraksha has been very people among people of different genders & age because of Rudraksha's therapeutic and medicinal benefits. People want to integrate Rudraksha in thier life for the sole purpose of getting positivity. 

But there is still a question among people that how they can I which rudraksha rudraksha is best for me?. As we all know that wearing any Rudraksha does not have any negative effects and anyone can wear any Rudraksha. But in order to get the full potential of Rudraksha one must wear the Rudraksha that is best for them. In this article i have discussed 3 Ways to choose rudraksha for myself. 

3 Ways to Choose Rudraksha for myself. 

  1. Choose according to Purpose of Wearing
  2. Choose according to Intution/Personal Connection
  3. Take recommendation for Rudraksha Expert Consultant. 

1. Choose Rudraksha according to Purpose of Wearing

The first and foremost way to select the best rudraksha for yourself is to identify your needs and then compare the benefits of each mukhi rudraksha and then see which align with your needs. For this you will need to do a detailed research on all types of rudraksha by yourself and this could be cumbersome and time taking process. This will definitely save you fees charged by a Rudraksha expert consultant and this is a complete safe process. Each Rudraksha has specific benefits associated with it and even a ruling planet and ruling god is associated with it. Below you can read the short details of  1 mukhi to 14 mukhi. 

One Mukhi Rudraksha: This is very rare and is believed to represent Lord Shiva himself. It is said to bring peace, prosperity, and enlightenment. It is highly recommended for spiritual growth and meditation.


Two Mukhi Rudraksha: This bead represents Ardhanarishvara (the combined form of Shiva and Parvati). It is believed to enhance harmony in relationships and improve communication skills.


Three Mukhi Rudraksha: Associated with Agni (the fire god), this Rudraksha is said to boost confidence, reduce stress, and promote physical health.


Four Mukhi Rudraksha: This bead is associated with Lord Brahma and Maa Saraswati. It is believed to improve creativity, concentration, and memory.


Five Mukhi Rudraksha: This is the most common and widely available type. It is associated with Kalagni Rudra (a form of Shiva). It is believed to promote overall well-being, health, and mental peace.


Six Mukhi Rudraksha: This bead is linked to Kartikeya (the god of war) and is believed to enhance willpower, focus, and Creativity.


Seven Mukhi Rudraksha: Associated with Goddess Mahalaxmi, it is believed to bring prosperity, wealth, and abundance. It is also helpful to remove the malefic effects for saturn and sade sati. 


Eight Mukhi Rudraksha: This bead is associated with Lord Ganesha and is believed to remove obstacles, bring success, and improve intelligence.


Nine Mukhi Rudraksha: Associated with Goddess Durga, it is believed to provide courage, strength, and protection from negative influences.


Ten Mukhi Rudraksha: Associated with Lord Vishnu, it is believed to promote leadership qualities, increase charisma, and protect against evil spirits.


Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha: Associated with Lord Hanuman, it is believed to impart wisdom, self-confidence, and success in endeavors.


Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha: Associated with Lord Surya (Sun god), it is believed to improve leadership qualities, provide vitality, and reduce anxiety.


Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha: This bead is associated with Lord Indra (the god of heaven) and is believed to enhance charm, attractiveness, and charisma.


Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha: Associated with Lord Shiva, it is believed to provide spiritual attainment, divine connection, and self-realization.


If you want to read in more detail about the benefits associated with different types of videos you can view each type rudraksha here. 

2. Choose Rudraksha according to Intution/Personal Connection

When exploring different types of Rudraksha beads, we must always feel the energy of the Rudraksha bead. You must always trust you instincts and see which rudraksha is giving you positive energy. Some people feel drawn towards a particular mukhi bead and feel a deeper connection with the rudraksha. This is a completely safe process and you can apply this in your life without any hesitation. 

When you're visiting any Rudraksha dealer personally then you can hold the Rudraksha in your hand and feel the energy within you. If you feel a deeper connection with it then you should definitely buy the rudraksha and wear it. That Rudraksha will certainly give you good benefits and surely that Rudraksha is made for you only. It's like the universe has choosen the Rudraksha for you and you should embrace it. 

This rudraksha selection process is not practical whenever you are buying Rudraksha online and we have a solution for that as well. You can ask the online dealer to send you the picture of the Rudraksha in you phone . After receiving the Picture, you can watch the photo for 2-3 minutes and see if there is any connection between you and the Rudraksha. This way is also very safe and practical way to choose Rudraksha. 

There is certainly more to this process when you are into meditation. You can find more deeper connection with the Rudraksha and be more accurate and gain benefits at higher level. So don't worry and easily choose this process. 

3. Take Rudraksha recommendation from Rudraksha Expert Consultant. 

There is no doubt that the best way to select Rudraksha for yourself is to Get recommendation form a Rudraksha expert consultant. This type of Rudraksha choosing procedure is personalized and the most accurate. The consultant will throughly check your astrology vedic chart and see which planets are affecting your life. They will analyze the most critical aspects in your life such as Career, relationships, finance and many more. 

The Rudraksha expert consultant will check your past history, present situation and future potential of good and bad in your life. By checking all the details and asking you suitable questions about your personal life, they will holistically create a suitable rudraksha combination for you. 

Undeniably consulting an expert is the most preferred way to choose rudraksha and this should be given the top priority. We at Eka Rudrakha offer Rudraksha recommendation service which you can book here



In this article, we have discussed 3 different way to choose rudraksha and all three ways are good in thier own ways. It's just that what is the most convienent for you. Rudraksha are the tears of mahadev and everyone should wear them be it Man, woman and child. 



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