The Journey of Rudraksha from Nepal to Your doorstep

The Journey of Rudraksha from Nepal to Your doorstep

Introduction to Journey of Rudraksha from Nepal to your doorstep


The journey of authentic Nepali rudraksha beads starts from the Upper hilly region of Nepal. The variety of Rudraksha that is formed in the upper hilly parts of Nepal is called Elaeocarpus E.Ganitrus. There are various varieties of Rudraksha found in the other part of world such as Indonesia, India, Srilanka, and many more. But the Natural Rudraksha beads found in the parts of Nepal is considered as the most effective due to its unique characteristics. There are various unique features  the Nepali Rudraksha carry among which the size, shape, lusture, texture, power, no of mukhis, rarity are most important. 

Why the Rudraksha from Nepal are so Special?

1. Legend from Vedic texts

According to various ancient Vedic texts, Rudraksha were formed by the tears of Lord Shiva when he was in deep meditation in the himalayas. He was thinking about the sorrows of humans and during that time tears fell down from his eyes. It is believed that the Lord Shiva's tears first fell into the upper himalayan part of Nepal. This Part of Nepal is where the Rudraksha trees were originally formed. For this reason Nepal Rudraksha has a significant cultural importance among Hindu communities and Nepalese Rudraksha beads are considered a special variety of Rudraksha. 

2. Size, Texture, and Power

The size of an authentic nepal rudraksha is comparitively bigger than that of other varieties such as indonesia. It is a unique feature that a Nepali rudraksha carries. 

The texture a Nepalese rudraksha beads is immeasurably beautiful and complex. It is one of the unique features to identify whether its Original or not. Hand crafted fake rudraksha beads have texture that is easily identifiable by an expert.  

As per the experience of people from age of various age groups, an authentic Nepali Rudraksha have shown results that are faster than that from any other varieties. This is testimonial of thousands of users who have felt the benefits and informed us. 

Therefore, because of Unique Size, texture and Power of Nepalese Rudraksha beads they are considered very special. 

3. Rarity

Some super Rare Nepali Rudrakshas have been in the news for their sky-high prices among the Rudraksha lovers community. Rudraksha such as 14 mukhi rudraksha, 21 mukhi rudraksha, trijuti rudraksha have attracted rudraksha enthusiasts because of the rarity.  The prices can for 14 mukhi can go form INR 50K to 200K whereas for 21 mukhi & trijuti they can range from INR 10 lakhs to 1 crore. These Rudraksha are bought by avid collectors who can spend huge sums. If we compare a same mukhi Nepali rudraksha with a indonesian then a Nepalese Rudraksha will always be more rare than an indonesian counterpart. 

For that reason, the Nepal Rudrakshas are considered highly unique and special among Rudraksha seekers. 


The Harvesting & Curing Phase of Pure Nepal Rudraksha beads

1. Harvesting/picking the rudraksha from trees

It is that phase of Rudrakshas where they are separated from their parent tree. The Rudraksha will maintain their green color while they are hanging on the tree. Once they are picked up Rudrakshas change their color from green to rich blue color. This color transformation phase is very beautiful and divine on its own. The outer covering of the Rudrakshas are very soft at this time and even the inner part in not well developed. The Rudrakshas have to be picked up meticilously in order to avoid damage to the tree. The local farmers in the upper hilly region of Nepal harvest these pure rudraksha and then move on to the next phase of curing. It is very important to harvest the rudraksha at a very optimal season (mostly september in Nepal), in order to keep the rudrakshas full of potency and power. This harvesting skill can take years of experience to master and nepalese farmer have done it for generations. 

2. Curing/Drying Phase of the Rudraksha

The Rudraksha needs time to get cured/dried after they have been pickup. Its very important to let the process happen naturally to maintain the vibrations in the rudraksha. Once dried, the outer covering of the Rudraksha turns black in color. The covering also turn hard like wood which is not easy to remove with bare hands. At this phase rudraksha look like black balls of wood that have hidden rudraksha inside. Drying should be done well to ensure the outer covering can be removed well. At this time there is still suspense on which mukhi rudraksha will be inside that bead. 

3. Cleaning / Brushing process of rudraksha

The outer covering of the Rudraksha should be removed well in order to reveal the mukhis well. The outer covering is hard and not very easy to remove and needs special treatment. This is when the expertise of our cleaners come to use. The Rudraksha is first dipped in normal water for a few hours to make the outer covering soft enough to get it removed bare hands. Most Rudraksha coverings get removed by just following this step. The rest which are difficult are then boiled in water for a few hours and then it is easier to remove those coverings as well. It is said in the villages that the outer covering of the Rudraksha can be used as ayurvedic treatment for skin issues, stomach problems and even can heal small wounds. After the outer covering is removed with bare hand, the rudraksha is finely brushed with metal brush to clean the pores well and bring the texture of the Rudraksha. This is step is very important and is quite time taking and cumbersome. It has to be done by hand manually to make sure the Rudraksha are not damaged. 

4. Sorting of different types rudraksha

Rudraksha comes in different faces from 1 mukhi to 21 mukhi. There are also some special types of Rudraksha such as Gaurishanker, Ganesha, Savar and trijuti. Generally 98% of all the rudrakshas as 5 mukhi and the rest 2% are other mukhis. So the sorting has to be done on the basis of mukhis and separated accordingly. An experienced person can sort rudraksha just by looking at the shape and texture. They only need to do the counting of mukhis when the final sorting is to be done. The sorting is also done the basis of sizes as well depending on the availability. Sometimes there are rudrakshas that are insect ridden, cracked and broken. We remove all such types of Rudrakshas before we keep it in our stock. We maintain utmost quality of the rudraksha so as to make sure that the benefits are maximum to the wearer. We have Rudrakshas available from regular, large to super rare collector ones. 

5. Oiling the Rudraksha to prevent cracks or dehydration 

Nepal Rudrakshas a natural seeds that have mostly wooden material in them. We have to store the Rudraksha for years as most Rudraksha do not sell in the same season. Due to the changing weather and moisture content in the air, the process of expansion and contraction happens in the rudraksha itself. Because of this the rudraksha may develop cracks on the surface, mostly parallel to the faces/mukhis. These cracks can grow over time and can expose the seeds inside the compartments of the rudraksha. This can contaminate the seeds and destroy the energy of the Rudraksha. For that reason, we oil the rudraksha regulary and make sure that there are no cracks developing. The oiling process will also save the rudraksha from dehydration, which may reduce the energy of the Rudraksha. We also recommend you to oil your rudraksha regulary and avoid wearing while having bath to avoid these issues. You can use any non sticky hair oil to apply the oil with a tooth brush on the Rudraksha beads. 

6. Converting the Rudraksha into wearable jewelery

Rudrakshas from Nepal have natural holes which is a signal by the nature that it is there to wear. It is also mentioned in various vedic scriptures about wearing the Rudraksha over neck, wrist, arms, hair, ears. Lord shiva himself is depicted as wearing Rudraksha all over his body. Many other Gods such as Lord Hanuman, Lord Kartikeya and Lord Ganesha have been seen as wearing Rudrakshas. For humans, Rudraksha will work wonders if worn in a correct way. We at Eka Rudraksha, create all the Rudraksha jewelry by following the vedic rules and regulations to make sure there are maximum benefits to the wearer. For eg: a Rudraksha mala should be of 108+1 beads, a bracelet can be of 11 or 21 beads, A kantha mala should be of 27+1, 32+1 or 54+1 beads etc. These are just a few examples of how rudraksha jewelery can be created. 

A Rudraksha combination can be worn of any number depending on the need of the wear. Mala such as Siddha mala have a total of 16 beads ( 1 to 14, Gaurishanker & Ganesha ) and Indra mala have 24 beads ( 1 to 21 muki, gaurishanker, Ganesha and trijuti ). Rudraksha jewelery can be done in a basic thread or any other metal such as Gold, Silver or copper. All of them will have good benefits and its just a personal preference on which one to wear for yourself. We have a huge collection of Rudraksha malas, bracelets and gold chain in our store which you can check here. We also Customize Rudraksha jewelry for you as per yoour request to us. For that you can personally connect contact us here or call/whatsapp on +91-7742843374. 

7. Lab tested Certification of Rudraksha

Due to increasing number to fake rudraksha sellers in the market there has been a need to test the rudraksha and generate a certification report for them. In old days, rudraksha buyers would get rudraksha from us just on the basis of the brand name. There was low demand in the market and less incentive for cheaters to sell fake rudraksha. The market was mostly clean and there were limited number of rudraksha sellers who were pioneers. But now the story is completely different.  Now we have implemented the process of lab certification of the rudraksha by our own. We do testing of all the rudraksha physically and do Xray for high priced rudraksha beads in order to check and generate a lab report for the buyer. It is an important process in our rudraksha delivery method for your beloved customers. We make sure the rudraksha is quality tested as well so that there an no cut corners. We provide lifetime guarantee of all our rudraksha beads so that you can stop worrying about originality and only focus on the benefits of the rudraksha. 

8. Energizing Activating Abhimantrit process of Rudraksha


The energizing process of Rudraksha is a very critical step to follow before wearing rudraksha in order to get good results from the Rudraksha beads. This process should be done through Vedic pranapratishtha process through pooja such as Rudrabhishek, Rudripath or panchamrit. Any one of these can be followed to activate the rudraksha. This process should be done by a well trained vedic pandit who can chant all the mantras well. Most rudraksha buyers are not confident with the energization process done by their known pandits. To completely eliminate your hassle of doing energizing, we have come up with a solution to pre-energize your rudraksha before sending it to you. This will make sure you get good benefits from the rudraksha without having to worry about the complex process of activating. You can order your Rudraksha from us and you will get pre-activated rudraksha at your home. You just need to chant “om namah shivaya” 11 times before wearing. 

9. Doorstep delivery to you

At Eka Rudraksha, we keep in mind that Rudraksha are worn to remove the problems in life. It is very important that you get your order very fast so that you can start getting results from it right away. We first pack your rudraksha in a protective pouch with instructions to use the rudraksha. After that we seal all the items in a protective box so that the rudraksha is safe on travel. We use super fast express courier services such as DTDC, bluedart for all the orders within India. Its take generally 3 to 5 days for delivery within any part of India. For orders outside India we use reputed shipping companies such as Fedex, DHL and UPS so that your order is safely transported and delivered to yout doorstep in 5 to 7 days in any part of the world. You package is insured by us until is delivered to you and we take full responsibility for it till it reaches you. We also have store credit policy (which you can redeem in future ) for orders that are not delivered / lost in transit. 

So, these are all the above steps that are followed to get the rudraksha from himalayas delivered to your doorstep at any part of the world. We take our job seriously and care for our customers. We also provide free support advice to you after you make a purchase with us. You can relax and place your order with us for getting the amazing benefits of this amazing bead rudraksha. 

If you have any questions about anything about Rudrakshas, then please feel free to contact us on Phone/whatsapp at +91-7742843374 or Email us at 

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