Original Gaurishanker Nepal Rudraksha

The Gaurishanker Rudraksha by Eka Rudraksha is from the himalayan region of Nepal. This Rudraksha is naturally joined in the tree and does not get separated when picked. The Gaurishankar rudraksha is a natural symbol of unity and love. This Rudraksha signifies the union of Shiva and Parvati. It supports to build deeper connection with our loved ones. 

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Importance of Gaurishanker Nepal Rudraksha

The gaurishanker rudraksha is a very important rudraksha on its own. It is considered one of most special rudraksha because of its shape and structure. Generally rudraksha of other mukhis are oval or round in shape, but this one has two round rudraksha joined naturally in the tree. As per scriptures, the Gaurishanker rudraksha symbolizes the union of Shiva and Parvati. 

The Gaurishanker Rudraksha is used in various powerful malas such as Siddha mala, Indra mala. These malas are imcomplete without Gaurishanker Rudraksha. The Gaurishanker kantha mala of 33 beads is a divine mala used for higher spiritual practices. This mala is also for those who want to connect themselves with the divine and understand their purpose of birth in this world. 

Ruling Planet : Moon. | Ruling God : Lord Shiva & Maa Parvati

Gaurishanker Nepal rudraksha benefits

One of the most significant benefits of Gaurishanker rudraksha is that it helps to build strong relationships with family, friends and even colleages. It opens the blockage caused in our heart chakra and attracts people towards us. The heart chakra clearance can also create strong bonding among our loved ones and family. If you want to find peace in family then wear gaurishanker rudraksha. 

Gaurishanker Rudraksha is also known to heal and improve relationships and bring good terms back. For singles this heavenly rudraksha acts as a sort of a matchmaker. Its like having a bit of cosmic support to attract your soulmate. It is said that Gaurishanker represents the two poles of life which are masculine and feminine. Both of them cannot stay without each other. Shiva is the masculine energy and shakti is the feminine energy. They may look separate but that are fused into one. 

Nepali Gaurishanker rudraksha spiritual benefits

Gaurishanker is highly sought rudraksha form spiritual seekers. It is believed that gaurishanker rudraksha can also open the blockage of crown chakra - the chakra responsible to connect us with the divine. Opening this chakra brings tons of opportunities to experience higher power in its pure form and achieve immense spiritual growth. This heavenly rudraksha enhances focus and concentration of the user. During spiritual practices an unwavering mind is very important to build ultimate connection and attain enlightenment. Gaurishanker exactly helps in that. Gaurishanker rudraksha also makes the user aware of his environment in order to take quick decisions in important situations.

Gaurishanker rudraksha Nepal therapeutic/health benefits

Since the gaurishanker is largely related to heart, this rudraksha helps heal problems related to heart and chest. Wearing the gowrishanker rudraksha closer to heart can heal cough & cold issues during winter. This divine bead is said to cure mental illness found in children. Problems such as stress, anxiety and depression get highly relieved through this Rudraksha. This rudraksha helps to control blood pressure and cures blockage in heart thus preventing major heart attacks. It is said that this rudraksha boosts our immune system if used properly. 

How to Identify genuine Nepal Gaurishanker Rudraksha?

The gaurishanker rudraksha is a special bead because it has a natural joint that cannot be broken easily.  Mostly fake gaurishanker are made by joining two 5 mukhi rudrakshas by glue. The reason to do so is because the price of 5 mukhi is very very less compared to gaurishanker and it makes the fake sellers a lot of money. You can test at home easily if your gaurishanker rudraksha is original or fake by boiling the gaurishanker rudraksha in water for about 10 minutes. After boiling fake gaurishanker rudraksha should separate because the glue will be disabled by boiling water. A genuine gaurishanker rudraksha will never disintegrate just by boiling in water. 

Sometimes this test may not be fully reliable. The most fulproof way to identify an original gaurishanker rudraksha is to perform an Xray test. This test will reveal the inner structure of the rudraksha which will tell us whether the joint is natural or fake. Always Buy a gaurishanker that is lab tested and certified by an expert who has real knowledge of Rudraksha. 

What is the cost of original nepalese Gauri shanker Rudraksha?

A Nepal gaurishanker is a rare variety compared to many other rudrakshas. There is a limited supply in the market but the demand of Gaurishanker is very high. For that reason price may fluctuate and differ accross markets. Ideally an Authentic Nepal Gaurishanker Rudraksha has a starting price of INR 8500 for regular ones. This price depends on many factors such as quality, size and market demand. For larger and rarer sizes the price of gaurishanker can go upto INR 80,000. Always buy Rudraksha based on the profile of the seller, do a thorough research on the brand and make sure the person behind is an expert.

Who can wear Gaurishanker Rudraksha bead?

This heavenly bead can be worn by both men, women and children. The Gaurishanker rudraksha can be worn by anyone who wants a peaceful environment in their family life. For those who want to get married and looking for a suitable life partner should wear this divine gowri shankara rudraksha over neck. Since this rudraksha is regarded as a relationship enhancer, it should be worn to build deep relationships with family members, friends and work acquaintences. There is no restrictions on to who can wear this shiva-parvati rudraksha as its useful for everyone. Specially people who have health issues related to heart should wear this rudraksha to get relief from major issues in the future. 

How many mukhis does a Gaurishanker rudraksha have?

Gauri shanker rudraksha are special rudrakshas, but they also have mukhis/faces on them. Mostly, Gauri-shanker rudraksha are found having mukhis such as 8 mukhi, 9 mukhi,10 mukhi, 11 mukhi and 12 mukhi. The natural gowri-shanker rudraksha that are normally sold are 8 to 12 mukhi only.  The gowrishanker rudraksha having faces below 8 mukhi and above 12 mukhi are rare and prices can be higher depending on the availability. It is almost impossible to find gaurishanker having 2,3,4,5 mukhi. The gauri-shanker rudraksha having faces above 14 mukhi to 21 mukhi are very rare and prices can range from INR 50000 to INR 10 Lakhs depending on the size, shape, lusture and availability in the market. 

Is Gaurishanker Rudraksha good for marriage?

Certainly gaurishanker is one of the best rudraksha that can be used for marriage. If you're single and looking for a suitable partner then this rudraksha will do wonders for you. It is sort of matchmaker for you that will guide you towards your soulmate. It like having that little extra cosmic energy that will attract you a partner. For married people this rudraksha is like a relationship enhancer. Wearing this gaurishanker rudraksha by both husband and wife will deepen your bonding and will bring that sweetness and love back into your relationship. This Rudraksha also improves the bonding between parents and their children. This rudraksha will improve the overall quality of your marriage. 

With which other rudrakshas can i combine Gaurishanker rudraksha?

The Gaurishanker rudraksha alone itself is an amazing bead. It has special properties which are enhanced and effects are multiplied with used with other rudraksha mukhis. The gaurishanker kantha of 33 beads is a perfect example of multiple gaurshanker alone giving such amazing results for meditators and spiritual seekers. When Gaurishanker is combined with 14 mukhi then the spiritual healing is enhanced to a higher level. If a gowrishanker is combined with 2 mukhi rudraksha then the effects in marriage and love boosted. The combination of 13 mukhi & Gowri-shanker is regarded as the best combination to get people attracted towards you. The Ganesha & 6 Mukhi combined with gauri-shanker creates the full Shiva parivar. 

What are the rules of wearing gaurishanker Rudraksha?

Few things should be followed when wearing gaurishanker as its very important in order to get maximum benefits from it. 

  1. The vedic pranprathistha should be done before wearing the rudraksha but not required if you have bought it from Eka Rudraksha Website. 
  2. The rudraksha should be removed before visiting any funeral/ kriyakaram. 
  3. You should never share your gauri-shanker with anyone, not even your family members. Husband and wife should have separate rudraksha and cannot be interchanged. 

If you have any further queries then you can read the FAQs below. If you have more questions then you can connect to me personally on info@ekarudraksha.com or whatsapp/call me on : +91-7742843374

3 reviews for Original Gaurishanker Nepal Rudraksha

Archana Kulkarni

Archana Kulkarni - 19th July 2024

Best quality rudraksha with certification received to me..thank you sir
Ritika Jain - Hyderabad

Ritika Jain - Hyderabad - 25th June 2024

I believe in Mahadev a lot and trust that he can solve the problems with my husband. That's why i ordered this gaurishanker rudraksha from this website. At first I was skeptical to order online but now i am happy that I have received it. They suggested me to wear on Monday. I am already starting to feel good. Namah shivaya
Shobha rani

Shobha rani - 21st June 2024

Very effective rudraksha...felt deep connection with my lover after wearing this...we are getting married soon..I thank Eka rudraksha for providing genuine items...om namah Shivaya

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Gaurishanker mala or bracelet should be energized/activated before wearing. It is an important process that you must follow. If you buy gowri-shanker Rudraksha from Eka Rudraksha website, then you will get a pre-energized one which you can wear directly just by chanting "Om Namah shivaya" 11 times.
The process to activate gaurishanker is recommended through vedic pranpratistha which may involve rudrabhishekam, rudri path or panchamrit pooja. It can be done by yourself or by an experienced pandit. However if you buy gaurishanker rudraksha from us, then it is pre activated and you can wear by just chanting Om Namah Shivaya 11 times on an auspicious day.
As per various vedic scriptures and thousands of user experiences, gaurishanker rudraksha works well for your marriage and spiritual requirements if you follow all the steps and rules judiciously.
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