Parshuram Avatar Shaligram

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Parshuram Shaligram
Lord Vishnu had a number of incarnations and Lord Parshuram was the sixth one. King Kartavariya was killed by Parshuram as he stole the holy cow who was bestowed with special powers. The Shila is perfectly smooth and well shaped. It is small in size and is beautiful as ever which is found only in the Gandaki River near the Muktinath area of Nepal.Parshuram Shaligram is believed to be very auspicious and packed with miraculous divinity.

– This shaligram gives them the courage to fight against adversity and challenges.
– Parshuram Shaligram is blessed with divine energy and helps the person to grow to be strong.
– One’s wishes are fulfilled by this sacred stone.
– Not only does it fulfil your dreams it also protects you and bestows enough wealth and success.
– It is highly recommended that you possess this bead to lead a happy and peaceful life.

Shree Parshuram Shaligram helps to wash away the sins of the devotee and provides them with financial stability. It brings ultimate salvation to the worshipper and generates endless confidence. This sacred stone contains infinite
powers or blessings showered by lord Vishnu. There are no harsh precautions in relation to this Shaligram however, it cannot be worn and It should be kept in place of worship, office cash box or any auspicious place in your house.

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