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Pearl is an organic, white to bluish grey colored, precious gemstone produced inside the body of a living organism called ‘Mollusc’. This gemstone holds a strong astrological significance in the Vedic astrology and is worn to pacify planet Moon in the wearer’s birth chart. Western astrology suggests Pearl birthstone for those born in the month of June.

Pearl gem holds a strong, centuries-old reputation for its high aesthetics, unique metaphysical properties and healing abilities. This gemstone is notably featured in the ancient texts of India, Rome, China and Egypt. From Cleopatra to Angelina Jolie, Pearl is always worn as a symbol of class and elegance throughout the centuries. Regarded as ‘The Queen of Gems’ – Pearl is addressed by different names in different countries and cultures such as ‘Tarak Ratna’ or ‘Chandra ratna’ in Hindi, ‘Mukta’ in Sanskrit and ‘Margarita stone’ in Latin etc.

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