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Dr. Sushil Kumar Agrawal
About Founder

”Nature has infinite no. of herbs needed to heal the human body, Rudraksha is one of finest among them”

Dr. Sushil Kumar Agrawal
Reiki Master, Rudraksha specialist

“Rajiv Gandhi Excellence award 2013”

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Born in a Hindu family in Rajasthan, India, I went to a different country than mine to search for opportunities at a pretty early age. Almost after a decade of establishing a jewelry business in Kathmandu, I had an unexpected event (maybe a call from Lord Shiva) that led to my path towards Rudraksha.

One fine day I met a Sadhu (monk) while visiting the Pashupatinath temple. The Sadhu had a bunch of Rudraksha beads with him from which he handed over a single bead to me as a blessing. After keeping that bead with me for a while I started to feel some kind of energy inside me. I had heard things about this holy bead but this even strengthened my faith. This led me to the path for a deeper understanding of the science behind this special kind of fruit.


For more than two decades, along with the Rudraksha business, I had also inclined myself towards various other aspects of the Hindu culture. I have been a keen learner which has helped me gain profound knowledge in various fields such as Reiki healing, Accu-pressure, Rudraksha Therapy, Ayurveda, and Yoga.

I have been an active member of various people serving organizations in Nepal and a President of a few. I have been awarded the “Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award 2013” by Former Health minister Harish Rawat for serving the people and humanity.


I believe that the more we extract the information on natural healing herbs, the better we will be able to keep ourselves healthier without the need to put chemical products into our bodies. Nature has answers for everything we could possibly ask for, we just need to look towards the right direction.